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Kylie’s new video for her single “All the lovers “has finally leaked..And I gotta admit it’s super hot. Kylie Minogue pretends to be Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, passion and beauty ; surrounded by a naked crowd in a sexual trance..Well it’s definitely a good video – a bit daring – but perfect to immerse ourselves to an horny version of  The “Care Bears” world


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Everyone was watching out for her return on the musical scene. Nearly one year after the release of her last single “Waking up in Vegas”, the   quirkiest pop star is finally back to make us dance on infectious beats and have some fun that summer. Seems like the 2008 breakthrough girl is still prone to self-derision and any kind of eccentricities and this is actually pretty great. She must be the only woman who can have blue hair on a single cover without looking ridiculous. Anyway, Katy Perry released her new single “California Gurls” on May 7th and the least we can say is that she didn’t loose her sense of humor since “Sex, Sun and California” are the key words of that new song…

Katy Perry tended to release a Californian anthem and we gotta admit she did it properly. The lyrics of the track rely on the collective imagination – California as we think it is  – They are probably full of clichés and stereotypes but it’s actually fun and sounds like an amazing spoof of this area atmosphere. When listening to the song, “Sex Sea and Sun” are exactly the right words which come to my mind and that’s great: this is typically the kind of thought we wanna have when summer’s coming Once again, Katy Perry’s sense of humor and mockery are amazing. She doesn’t take anything seriously and that’s the reason she can be called the coolest pop star in America.

Musically speaking, she followed the trend but this is in fact still brilliant. The thing is there’s something fresher and spontaneous about her music so that we cannot blame her. “California Gurls” sends us right to California during summer with its electronic whooshes, its jerky beats and a sunny funky atmosphere. The massive chorus is possibly the strongest point of the tune with such amazing lines: “California Girls we’re unforgettable, Daisy dukes, bikinis on top”.

Finally the grass in California must be really greener than anywhere else…

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Hannah Montana is dead. Long live the bitch! According to me here are the few words which perfectly sum up Miley Cyrus’s style change. Miley previously said that Britney Spears was a model for her and we should obviously have taken her declaration literally. Indeed the young Disney starlet turned into a bitch and definitely cast sugar pop princess Hannah Montana aside. As its single name implies, it’s now time for her to rebel and to disclose her true face.   Thus, Miley will release her brand new single ” Can’t be tamed” on May 18th in the USA. A decisive test for the ex-Disney doll…

The least we can say is that Miley Cyrus decided to do things properly for her return. Just like Britney Spears she gave up her teen pop image to get a sexy bitch status and on the top of that, she released something more mature musically speaking. Provoking lyrics, vocodered voice and an amazing dance oriented track, Miley has every element to make her legitimate predecessor go red.  Well I guess there’s no harm to make a sensationnal comeback before quitting defitinitely the pop music world.  “Can’t be tamed” will probably be  a dance smash in the USA single charts with such catchy choruses and beats. The tune is just infectious. Why should  she deprive herself of a hit because she used to be the most popular Disney doll?

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Three years after the release of his last studio album “Insomniac”, the sexiest Latin lover is finally back to the great delight of girls and boys – Indeed Enrique Iglesias is about to release a brand new bilingual album probably on July. And the least we can say is that Enrique always  knows how to do things well since for his return he surrounded himself with the most popular producer at the moment  RedOne to offer us one of the most amazing lead single he could have chosen : “I like it”, a hit which will probably smash the wordwide charts in the weeks to come…

With his new track, Enrique Iglesias proves us once again he can do no wrong since “I Like It” is a dance smash.  It will definitely be all the rage in the clubs that summer.  Indeed the beats are fuckin’ infectious paired with Enrique’s sexy vocals. It’s trendy, federative and danceable: it has got every quality to become successful in the charts, especially as the chorus easily gets stuck in your head with catchy lyrics: “Baby I like it, the way you move on the floor. Baby I like it, come on and give me some more”. Pitbull doesn’t add anything amazing to it, but we have to admit he doesn’t ruin it either, so that’s a good point. Really, we must be a kill-joy, party pooper  if we do not enjoy this tune that much. It’s just electro-pop as we like it, performed by a charismatic singer.


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After the huge success of this last single “Won’t Go quietly” which peaked at number 6 on the British single charts – his best success so farExample is about to unleash his next smash “Kickstarts” on June 13th. Examples previously let us know about his plan to evaluate into a new genre: He wanted to release some electro-pop stuffs; and this new single definitely confirms the rapper’s new musical orientation. It’s proof that sometimes complying  with the new trend might be the answer to get fame and  – paradoxically – some kind of artistic credibility…

Seems like Example is completely in his element with that new single since it’s way better than his previous songs. Indeed  “Kickstarts” is a summer festival rave anthem. It sounds incredibly dancy and contemporary. The tune driven by synth beats pretty works on the listener so that we actually feel like time is freezed. Only the rhythm stalls our lives. Example’s voice is sweet and quite fits with that song but doesn’t add anything to the airy atmosphere.

Finally,  Example succeeds in recording a dance oriented ballad imbued with a romantic dimension without sounding dumb at any time. So I guess this is a good work. At least, he managed to arouse our curiosity toward his album to come “Won’t Go Quietly”, available on June 20th.


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The least we can say is that VV Brown debut career – just like her personality – has been colorful. Despite an eclectic musical style cut out to succeed in the United Kingdom, the girl with a bouffant hairstyle didn’t make it. But it was far enough from daunting her and she tried to win over the French audience – what she did with merit. Thus, she released her single “Shark in the Water” on January 18th in France and she did pretty well since it peaked at number 12 on the Digital single chart.  A good sign for the re-release of her album “Travelling like the light” on June 4th

VV Brown untypical musical style is clearly an asset in the world of pop. Her retro pop influenced indie rock edge sends us to 60s and its carefreeness for better. It sounds actually like fresh air in a pop universe where electro-pop trend prevails over everything else.

“Shark in the water” is a nice summer anthem with  breezy acoustic strums and Brown’s smoothie voice. It starts just like any Happy-bouncy pop song but the chorus suddenly kicks in and there’s an emotional outburst. The verse “Baby there’s a shark in the water” is actually powerful and breathtaking but still so soft. No word can describe it better than ” brilliant” . A very good way to make indie rock musical style accessible. When listening to that tune, we can really feel British wizardry, the reason why this country should sometimes be worshipped. The atmosphere of the song is always full of smoothness and brings us a breath of fresh air. 

I really hope VV Brown will keep releasing such good songs in the future and continue her career because she’s unique and it would be a shame for her to stop just because of a stupid commercial failure.

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Seems like Denmark has become some kind of factory where is mass-produced artists meant to liven up the pop universe. Indeed Nabiha is another amazing singer we’ve been given to hear from that country. Strengthened by her African roots and her European cultural anchorage, Nabiha is an untypical artist who embodies a successful cultural syncretism through her songs. She released her debut single “Deep Sleep” on January 29th and peaked at number 8 on the Danish airplay chart. A good start before conquering the UK market…

Nabiha is a child of African migrants who moved in Denmark and we can actually feel this mix of different cultural influences in her first single. Although “Deep Sleep” is inspired from a French-Malian lullaby her mother used to sing to help her sleep when she was  young, the tune definitely sounds like European pop music; and this is that syncretism which makes all the difference. This is actually the reason why that track is that huge.

One the one hand, “Deep Sleep” is imbued with an European retro fanciful pop sound which tends to put us in a good mood. The chorus couldn’t have been possibly catchier; heading toward derision. However, African influences are still perceptible thanks to the beats, original African verses and Nabiha’s rough colorful voice which takes us miles away as soon as she starts to sing. I would conclude by saying this is one of the most refreshing and exotic song I’ve heard for months.

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